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The picturesque course leaves the Exeter Rec Area on Hampton Rd. in Exeter where the Daniel Healy Pool and his monument are located . It winds through lovely, flat, country roads as it takes you through his childhood neighborhood.

Dan’s mom, Natalie says, “You’ll pass by the woods where he and his buddies would build forts, ponds they skated on and the small store where he and his siblings worked their first jobs. Passing Second St. you’ll see the road where he ” skittled” behind Tom Colcord’s truck one winter- surely a portant of things to come. Training for ” BudS” ?

Growing up in Exeter was idyllic with the woods, ponds, Spook Hill for sliding and lots of playmates in a safe neighborhood. Coupled with a strong education system, proximity to the ocean and solid family values Dan was prepared to face the challenges ahead of him.”Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 8.45.44 PM